Junction Point of Reality and Fantasy.


You've come across a dusty little corner of the internet. Something about this place strikes you as odd, but you can't quite tell what. As you stare at this strange site, you can feel reality slipping away from you.

Could this be...? Is this one of the legendary barriers between reality and fantasy? But why here? Why now?

Your surroundings seem barren, but as you look about, things seem to appear before your eyes. Within reach, you can see a hastily scrawled autobiography in an unreadable hand, a catalogue of inane ramblings, a quaint bookshelf with a few queer books, and a bulletin board chock full of works-in-progress.

In the distance are three couriers, all operating under the banner of "Atom". One brings news of updates to the catalogue of ramblings, the second brings news of additions to the bookshelf, and the third, both.