Junction Point of Reality and Fantasy.

About me

I'm Ruby Lazuli (she/her)! I'm a 23 year old artist trying her best in this forsaken world. I've been programming since 2012, but recently, I've started branching out into writing, composition, and game development. Pleased to meet you!

More than enough info

Ruby Lazuli
23 years old
Romantic orientation
Current mood
Have you ever wondered if you're really living?
Favourite franchise
Touhou Project
Favourite video game
The Little Rabbit Princess and the House of Eternity
Favourite musical work
Too difficult to answer
Favourite title theme
The Collector's Melancholy Afternoon – ZUN
Favourite first stage theme
Unforgettable, the Nostalgic Greenery – ZUN
Favourite stage theme
Golden – Lena Raine
Favourite arrangement
Spirit Battle on the Staircase of Hakugyokurou – Tokyo Active NEETs
Favourite soundtrack
Tossup between 東方妖々夢(Touhou Youyoumu) ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom and Celeste
Favourite film
The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Favourite food
Tossup between burgers and tonkotsu ramen
Favourite Touhou character
See below
Favourite Touhou game
Insufficient data for meaningful answer


What does PatchMixolydic mean?

"Patch" comes from the Touhou character Patchouli Knowledge, an introverted researcher and an avid reader. "Mixolydic" is an intentional corruption of Mixolydian, a musical scale with a happy, yet restrained character.

23 years, eh? Whaddya have to show for it?

Have a look!

Who's your favourite Touhou character?

According to the most authoritative source (a Touhou sorter result), my number one favourite Touhou characters are Misumaru, Junko, Ellen, Meiling, Hecatia, Merlin, Renko, Mima, Kotohime, Marisa, Sekibanki, Hina, and Mokou.

Isn't that entirely too many!?

Actually, it's not enough. Orange definitely should've been in first place. Konngara probably should've been higher too.

Why is Kaguya so low on that sorter result?

My Mokou bias was much heavier when I took it. She should probably be in 57th place at the very least.