Welcome to the new blog! If you missed my previous two attempts at a blog, here's a comprehensive summary of my past prime quality content:

Now, with that out of the way, let's look to the future, to a project I've been working on here and there for the past year or so: 東方魔出現 (Touhou Mashutsugen) 〜 Devil's Emergence, a Touhou Project fangame based on the PC-9801 Touhou games.

For those unaware, the Touhou Project is a series of bullet hell shoot-'em-up video games notable for featuring women as playable characters instead of spaceships the sole creator's liberal policy on fanworks, which has caused the series to explode in popularity both in Japan and overseas. The Touhou Project, and the man behind it, inspired me to finally get off my rear (or perhaps get on it) and start making something for once in my life, with a few motives:

  • Show the world that I can, in fact, program[citation needed]
  • Form and sharpen writing, art, and composing skills
  • Have something to show for my 21.8333 years of living
  • Tell a gay love story about a vicious sunflower and a dead lady (there's a vampire and a shrine maiden in there too I think)
  • Create a Rust-based framework for any future games I might care to develop

The result is, of course, Devil's Emergence. The game's plot covers the Vampire Incident, a youkai uprising which resulted in the creation of an entirely new form of combat (the spell card rules) so that youkai could wreak havoc without actually putting anyone at risk. The game takes place between Mystic Square and the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (the 5th and 6th official games), and so it was made to appear as if it could feasibly run on a PC-9801. Sort of. I tried.

Anyone who has been following me for a while may have seen this short clip showing an early alpha version of the game. The game as shown here is obviously far from complete: the background is nonexistent, Meiling only fires one bullet at a time, the enemy drops are wildly unbalanced, the music isn't that great, the power meter is represented numerically instead of with a bar, etc. etc. etc. But! Believe it or not, I have worked on this game since July 2021. Without any further ado, emerge from the darkness! Devil's Emergence!!

Screenshot of a retro-style video game. Hong Meiling is shown shooting at a group of bakebake.
Another screenshot. A midboss, represented with a purple and black checkerboard as a placeholder, is firing bullets in a curved X shape.
I swear this pattern's more interesting in motion
Screenshot showing a conversation between Meiling and Orange (who is also represented with a placeholder graphic). Meiling is saying 'Uhm... nice outfit?', while Orange is speechless.

It's still obviously unfinished! It is, however, much closer to release. Several of the complaints listed above have been fixed. In addition, many things that aren't visible here have now been implemented, such as the stage clear screen, music room, difficulty selection, and more. That said, there's obviously a lot of work yet to be done: the stage needs rebalancing, the bosses, enemies, and player character need additional graphics, bombing hasn't been implemented, music needs to be composed, and so on. However, I'm confident that I can get this all done before the deadline.

Ah, right, the deadline. I'm tired of just dallying about doing this and that, so I've set a hard deadline for myself. I intend to have a one-stage demo of Devil's Emergence out by the end of February 2022. The full game will take longer (there will be six characters, each with different routes comprising six main stages and an extra stage, though some stages may be duplicated), but I still plan to have it, along with a three-stage-per-character trial, out by the end of 2022. Should I miss these deadlines... I dunno. Maybe I'll force myself to clear Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom on lunatic legacy mode. Incidentally, I also intend for my next game (an original game!) to start production within 2022.

With that, I should probably stop procrastinating and get back to work. I hope to have an update for you by the end of February. See you then~!