Touhou Mashutsugen
Devil's Emergence
One-Stage Demo
has been delayed
by one week.

I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyyy! orz

Portrait of Hong Meiling from Devil's Emergence. She seems to be nervous.

I procrastinated a bit too much, so the demo isn't quite good to go yet. On the bright side, the game is more or less in a production ready state. I just have to add some polish. And also all of the music. Whoops!

The stage intro

Fortunately, this delay might give me some time to shove in some polish that I wouldn't otherwise have been able to do until after this demo, like reshading poor Meiling up there or adding turning sprites to the boss (which is an upgrade from her official appearance! Her training must've paid off).

Right, back to work! This game won't make itself. I mean, I think. I haven't asked.