Junction Point of Reality and Fantasy.

Poetry Collection 2022

By Ruby Lazuli • Published on 2023-10-28 02:19pm CT • ~1 minute read

dim. dream

Snow blankets the ground.

Two women snuggle closely.

Only dreams... for now.

ohayou gozaimasu

The barn swallow cries.

Their own voice, reflected back,

voice of a true friend.

why should i care about texas

Lazuli bunting

surrounded by house sparrows.

Nonetheless, bunting.



The dolls drift down the river.

Charon is confused.

letty aki

Orange, red, yellow.

Beautiful leaves herald in

December's autumn.


The first snowflake falls.

Winter has finally come,

eleven years late.

princess dreaming of beauty in the world

She's a strange woman:

shut-in compulsive hoarder,

lost in fantasy.

She thinks herself royalty,

delusive princess

of strange habits and queer mind.

She's only known as

the little rabbit princess;

that's all she'll tell you.

Nobody seems to like her.

I don't either, but

she's the best me she can be.


chirping fills the air,

a pleasant sound from nowhere.

unlocated friend

smug self-satisfaction

The SKYLARK cries out.

The crow smiles quietly:

not capitalist.